Day 184: Note to self

Hardly any writing or sounding self-forgiveness lately, I wonder what my plan is, because I realize I can’t think my way out of the mind’s emotions, feelings, preprogramming, thought-patterns etc, if anything I have to think out of the box, that’s where these desteni tools are supportive, so by putting them on the shelf to … Continue reading Day 184: Note to self

Day 181: Resistance to understanding

Today’s blog is inspired by this eqafe recording, highly recommended I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel resistance when I am faced with something or someone that I don’t immediately understand, in this I forgive myself for wanting to withdraw or quit the moment instead of taking that dreadful step … Continue reading Day 181: Resistance to understanding

Day 179: Staying practical

When emotions are overwhelming, stay focused on the practical things, get things done in the physical, because for the most part, the energy of emotions are in the mind, there are physical symptoms of it, like body tension, short of breath, etc, but should I remain focused on the practical things, I can slowly but … Continue reading Day 179: Staying practical

Day 178: Bat one ball at a time

Saw a nice quote by Bernard about time management, to paraphrase: “walk breath by breath, getting things done, accomplish things, manage your time effectively”, in that also overcoming resistance. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize like breathing, breath by breath, things can be done step by step, overcoming … Continue reading Day 178: Bat one ball at a time

Day 177: Distractions

Taking a moment here, bit distracted with things. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not remain focused and steady with the goals and objectives I have set for myself, allowing distractions to distract me, not seen/realizing I am actually allowing the distractions, because I like to forgot the goals and … Continue reading Day 177: Distractions

Day 176: Unburden yourself

Taking a moment here. Like that John Lennon song ‘another year is over, what have you done‘.More or less the same stuff, like another wise man said, can’t expect different output from same input. If you want different outcome, the input got to change, input in this case is living patterns, accepted and allowed thoughts … Continue reading Day 176: Unburden yourself


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