Day 104: Consistency

“Consistency is a regular beat, a pulse. The pulse of life. Anything with regular intervals has a resonance, and a resonance is but the vibration created from whatever is consistent/alive for me in my life/being/direction.”

Today’s blog is inspired by that awesome quote from desteni discord, “anything with regular intervals has a resonance”, that part touches me, its asking me the question, “what do I do in regular intervals, to establish consistency”?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize consistency is a regular beat, a pulse, the pulse of life. And anything done in regular intervals has a resonance, a presence, and so leads to an emergence of self.

One way to expand self is to become consistent in things, it opens and expands the self. I call it the emergence of self, and I have been struggling with the lack of emergence, expansion etc, and clearly not much consistency to speak of in my routines and life in general.

So I see/realize and understand the value and importance of establishing consistency, in all areas of life, otherwise this sense of just wondering around in life, doing the bare minimum, nothing substantial to speak of, can lead to a suppressed life.

To build, create, expand, grow, establish, consistency is the key, its the pulsing of life when done in regular intervals.

I commit myself to establish more consistency in my life, thru that assist myself to expand, grow and emerge as self. And the opposite is equally true, lack of consistency leads to boredom, depression, lethargy and apathy.

Consistency is the pulse of life, how cool is that, that’s the key, consistency.

Thanks for reading, inspired by #desteni

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