Day 142: Indifference to Responsibility

I notice there is a certain indifference within me to the world that is burning down, in riots, wars, pandemics, starvation, natural calamities, propaganda, en mass vaccinations, corruption, elitism, and then billionaire’s luxury race to space, you name it.

As long as my bubble is fine and dandy, it seems I could care less about the world. The danger is becoming indifferent and insensitive to the unfolding mess in this world, to some degree there is nothing much self can do at a personal level. Its manifested consequences unfolding in many folds. And a new war against Iran is not far, and who knows what awaits cuba, meanwhile south africa is sliding into a failed state, it suppose to be the breadbasket of the world, it still can be.

Its easy to be hopeless, despondent and apathetic, “what can I do, so who cares”.

The real reason why I am indifferent is because I am doing the same to self, to my self, rioting or war fires I don’t care about because my own fire of life, that spark for life is waning down, meaning, I am not nourishing, awakening that fire of life within me, so everything else can pretty much goto hell, I wouldn’t give a damn about it.

I am recalling Bernard for a moment, recalling how absolutely passionate about life he was, not one bit of despondency or apathy you could find in him, he was absolutely hopeful about a new world, not because he had any hope in others, rather he had the fire of life awakened within him completely.

Despondency, indifference or apathy couldn’t stand next to Bernard. Still he was only one being, changing structural changes requires a group, and there is where self-responsibility comes in, where I as self can participate. First and foremost by awakening that fire of life within me, thru walking this process seriously.

To some degree, riots and wars burning down, because I have accepted and allowed myself this lethargy and passiveness in my process, my own fire of life is down.

This is what these riots and wars remind me, to take the process seriously and take self-responsibility to awaken the fire of life within me, thru 1+1 equality equation, we can form that group to direct real solutions to a world in peril.

With every manifested consequence out there, my self-responsibility is equally increasing, the more I postpone, the more consequence there will be, to self and to the world as self.

Recent riots in south africa are not just flashing news item, its a reminder to take this one life, this one opportunity, to make real changes to self, and change the world as self.

Thanks for reading, inspired by #desteni

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