Day 165: Rejection to acceptance

Due to recent job layoffs, thanks to “structural adjustment and business decision makings”, I found myself suddenly unemployed, its an opportunity for sure, a chance to renew and expand myself professionally for the next posting of my career, but in the meantime have to deal with bouts of rejection energy, as if, I am suddenly going thru all kinds of rejections.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take a welcoming opportunity to expand myself professionally as a rejection, not seen/realizing I became unconsciously too comfortable hence stagnated after six years in the same job, so its welcoming to close that door, and allow a new door to open, this is not rejection, this is redirection, a chance to take on new challenges and explorations, rather than staying stagnated in the same old, same old.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take the job layoffs personally, as if, its done unto me personally, not seen/realizing given the number of people that were let go, this is no way near anything personal, even if it was personal, I realize this can be a transition into something more, something new, an opportunity to expand, to learn, to grow and to contribute. With practical needs taken care of, I have a golden opportunity to seek new adventures, so why is this a rejection, when in fact this is a gift?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel rejected, within that access all kinds of memories related to rejection, not seen/realizing memories are still there, they will not just vanish into oblivion, but their power is something I have granted, accepted and allowed, therefore I see/realize and understand, in the silent moments of breathing and grounding myself here in the practical physical reality, I can overcome the past energetic feelings and memories of rejection.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe I am rejected, not seen/realizing its a familiar thought from the years gone by, and if I keep on repeating and accepting it, it shall become a physical reality, in fact I will create situations where I will experience rejection. As if, to some degree I have rejected myself within to experience rejection out there. As within, so without.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not embrace myself, not seen/realizing my own self-judgements accumulate and create the conditions and resonance for rejection, self-acceptance is the key.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, self-acceptance is tied to innate self-worth, as life, as substance, as source, as physical, as essence, who is more worthy than another? Unless I accept and allow myself as lesser, I am equal and one as all, equal in essence, in substance, in source, in life, only the mind’s judgment says otherwise. Equal in self-worth, equal in self-value, to all, within this I realize only my thoughts, my self-judgements contribute to the mental mind construction of rejection.

Rejection is a mind construct that is deeply accepted, allowed and ingrained, until this is sorted out, any situation, professional or otherwise, the mind as self will interpret as personal rejection. So here lies the personal responsibility to stop the mind mechanism that perpetuate the rejection machinery over and over again, by thinking, and believing that I am rejected. The very thought, that I am rejected, is enough to keep the mind construct alive, and to experience rejection in the physical reality.

Of course, in the physical reality, people and organizations, again people, have their own mind constructs, beliefs, pre-programmings, history, genetics, family bloodline tendencies, likes and dislikes, money needs, business goals, and so on, so its possible decisions could be made to cut off or discontinue with some people, like job layoffs, a relationship breakup, a divorce, etc, all forms of rejections, so is it entirely personal? is it entirely done solely onto me? Perhaps there could be 100 reasons why to discontinue with some, may be 1 is personal, yet I make it 100 percent personal, and that’s my responsibility to stop.

So I forgive myself for not realizing a part cure for rejection is self-acceptance, where worth and value is innate, nothing outside of self defines value or worth, the other part of the cure is becoming effective in partnerships, be it in professional or intimate relationships, becoming a co-creator for successful partnership, in giving as I would like to receive. If I want a stable successful job, I will have to give of myself to create and receive success at work. If I want a stable successful intimate partnership, I will have to give of myself to create and receive that success. Give as I would like to receive, then the question is how to give? Simply by taking on responsibility, that will open the doors for physical creation and actions, quiet opposite to stagnation.

I commit myself to see/realize success is giving as I would like to receive, not staying stagnated.

I commit myself to see/realize, a cure for feeling rejected is self-acceptance, realizing the innate self-worth and self-value, there is nothing more to add or subtract, its the value and worthiness of life itself, and self is life.

I commit myself to realize for 100s of reasons, doors could be closed, but in that there is also the opportunity for something new, life is like a river, life flows, and I commit myself to embrace changes, and flow with it, allowing new doors to be open, without holding onto feelings of resentment or rejection about past moments, in fact, if anything, past is a gift in the journey to expand and explore myself in this one lifetime to live here in the physical.

And this is my journey to life, thanks for reading, inspired by #desteni

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